Tony And His Cuban Cigar

Tony Jackson walked around Orlando Latin Market with a fat cigar in his mouth. Never once did he remove it — not even at the register or while talking.

He hasn’t smoked it yet, Jackson shared, but he’s been chewing on it. Someone brought the cigar for him from Cuba.

“I am getting ready to go over there in late August,” Jackson said proudly.

A man, almost out of earshot, yelled “I can bring you one from Cuba”
in Spanish.

Victor Luis, who stood outside observing people under a camouflage boonie hat, grinned when he saw Jackson and his cigar. Luis is from Cuba.

“You got a special, man,” Luis said in a heavy accent, walking up to Jackson to study the cigar. “A special cigar.”

Jackson laughed and gave Luis a small nod. He then walked to his car, cigar still intact, hanging.