Midalis’ Hair

Midalis Vega has always loved playing with hair. Even before she left her native Cuba for the United States, her dream has never changed — to become a hairdresser someday.

“I like it, but I like doing my own hair and doing my friends’ hair,” the 45-year-old said in Spanish as she stood inside Orlando Latin Market. “I love doing blowouts, doing tintes (dye jobs)…. you say tintes, no?”

On this Friday afternoon, Vega’s fair locks were pulled up onto the top of her head by a clip, its golden hues shining under the store’s fluorescent lights.

(LISTEN: Vega speaks about how hair gives her confidence in the below audio clip)

Throughout the years, the true brunette has undergone several hair dye jobs; first red for many years, then a switch to orange.

“I lasted very little time with the orange,” Vega said with a small smile. “From there, I passed onto blonde, which is what I have now.”

Vega said she feels different when her hair is done. Her self-esteem skyrockets.

“I feel really good. I feel happy,” she said. “I feel fulfilled when my hair looks good…. it’s something I did myself.”